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    Entry #2

  • Guest:
    Nate Derry
  • Location:
    Westville Rd.
  • Website:
  • Comments:
    Two weeks ago, the Camden-Wyoming Fire Company responded to my house at 3:20am for a fire that started inside the wall above the fireplace. These firefighters are the most professional, courteous and elite firefighters I have ever seen. They removed family photos from the walls to prevent further damage. They moved and covered furniture to prevent further damage. They opened instead of broke the windows in the house. They didn't just come in spraying water everywhere, they used controlled bursts of water which minimized the water damage to the home. My hat is off to the firefighters of this station. I could not ask for a better service to our community. Thank you for saving our home and treating the belongings within as if they were your own. Nate Derry and Joanne Callaway
  • Signed on::
    Thu, Dec 25, 2014

    Entry #1

  • Guest:
    Gene Tucker
  • Location:
    Felton, DE
  • Comments:
    Glad to see you guys back in the TRUCK CO Operations. Good Luck and stay safe ! Watch that Andino guy!!!!
  • Signed on::
    Tue, Oct 28, 2014
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