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Upper King Road entrapment

Thursday, July 2, 2015
On the evening of June 17th, the Camden-Wyoming Fire Company along with Kent County paramedics and DSP aviation were dispatched to the 3600 block of Upper King Road for a MVC with entrapment. Rescue Captain Wothers (41-21) arrived just after the dispatch and found a UPS truck had t-boned a full size pick up with the driver trapped. Captain Wothers established command and advised Rescue 41 to prepare for extrication. Crews removed the drivers door of the truck which give EMS enough room to remove the patient from the truck. The subject was transport by Ambulance 41 and KM7.
Units on-scene-Rescue 41, Engine 41-1, Ambulance A41 and A55, ALS units KM5 and KM7, DSFP and DSP

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