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We encourage the purchase and installation of a Knox Box® system for business owners and residents.

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Did you know that a large portion of our budget is funded by donations?  Our fund raising efforts, wheter my mailing or event, is what helps us fill the gap between our operational expenses and state and county grant in aid.  It’s people like you that support us day in and day out with donations that allow us to provide fire, rescue and EMS service to the Camden, Wyoming and surrounding communities.  Please make a tax deductable donation today by clicking the link below.  In the drop down menu you have the ability to donate to our fire fund drive or join our ambulance subscription service.  With those two options you can also select to make a recurring donation or one time donation. 

Fire fund drive donations are used to outfit firefighters with equipment, purchase new trucks and pay bills associated other firefighting expenses.  Donations to this fund can be made in any amount with a preferable minimum of at least $35.   

Ambulance subscription donations save anyone that’s taken by ambulance from the listed address on the subscription from getting a personal bill for the transport.  Most insurance companies only pay a small portion of ambulance transport bills and the rest would be the patients responsibility.  Becoming a subscriber is an easy way to keep your costs down in the event you ever had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital.  The best part is that it’s good for your entire household!  Please remember this is an address based subscription and each address will need its own subscription so we encourage businesses to subscribe also.  For just $50, you get a 12 month subscription to this service.



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