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2007 - Brush 41

Dodge Ram 2500

Used for all field, woods, brush and marsh fires.


2004 - Tower 41

Pierce Aerial

95 foot mid-mount Tower Ladder.


1999 - Engine 41-3

KME Fire Fox

1000 gallon tank/1500 GPM pump. Assist engine for Tower company and Tanker company responses as well as engine assists for mutual aid calls.


1997 - Engine 41-1

KME Fire Fox

1000 gallon tank/1500 GPM pump. Engine used for brush, field and woods fires as well as a back up to Engine 41-3.


1993 - Rescue 41

Pierce Lance

Rescue/Engine with a 750 gallon tank and 1500 GPM pump, used as a second response on motor vehicle collisions and our stand by piece.


1989 - Tanker 41

International/ 4 Guys

3000 gallon tank, 1500 GPM pump. Driver and officer only cab.


1983 - Engine 41-4

American LaFrance

Reserve engine. 1000 gallon tank, 1500 GPM pump. Still in service.


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