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Hall Rental

The Camden Wyoming Fire Company takes great pride in serving its community, not only through providing excellent Emergency Medical Service and Fire Department Services, but through excellent kitchen and hosting facilities. We strive to provide the cleanest and most up to date dining and meeting facilities to our community. Below is a list of sizes and amenities we offer.

To rent the hall, call 302-535-0048 or Email [email protected]


120' X 96' Formal Dining Hall

Room Capacity is 250 people maximum with no dance area, 200 people maximum with a dancing area



48' X 49' 

Room capacity is 156 people


Tables are 8' rectangular unless otherwise requested at the contract signing. We only have 23 round tables available with a maximum seating of 150 people

The bar is available for both rooms for a $100 non-refundable set up fee

Catering is available through the company.

Any questions on catering can be directed to [email protected]



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