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2015 Elected Officers

Thursday, July 2, 2015
Last evening during the monthly company meeting, the membership elected the officers for the 2014-2015 year. These officers were installed as well and took over immediately. Best wishes to the new and returning officers for a productive year.

Administrative President-Leroy Dear Vice President-Mike Brittingham Secretary-Glenn Neese Treasurer-Matt Brown Assistant Treasurer-Brandon Olenik Fire Recorder-Dan Jones Personnel Officer-Alan Rembold Trustees-Ron Dear, Alan Rembold Board of Directors(3 year term)-Carl Willoughby, Tom Rigsby

Line Officers Fire Chief(41-15)-Harold Scott Jr Deputy Chief(41-16)-Chris Dufresne 1st Asst. Chief(41-17)-Dan Diaz 2nd Asst. Chief(41-18)-Robin Andino 3rd Asst. Chief(41-19)-Jonny Nichols Engine Captain(41-20)-Brandon Jarboe Rescue Captain(41-21)-John Wothers Chief Engineer(41-22)-James Queen Sr EMS Captain(41-40)-James Queen Sr Fire Police 41-30-Scott Thorne(Captain) 41-31-John Reuben 41-32-Glenn Neese 41-33-Alan Rembold 41-34-Leon Pravitz

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